ten ways to know that Creepy Larry has a crush on you

December 14, 2009

1. Everywhere you go Larry seems to turn up, whether it’s in Biology class, your lunch spot or… The girls bathroom! (Get out of here Larry!)
2. Rosie told you that Henry told her, who heard from Derrick, who is Hannah’s cousin., that Larry told her he liked you.

3. Your old, mouldy gym shirt “mysteriously” went missing from your locker a week ago, and you caught Larry wearing a shirt that bore quite the resemblance to your missing one.

4. When you asked him about the shirt, he just smiled!

5. While watching The Simpsons in English class, you felt a tug at the back of your head. When you turned around to investigate the cause, you found Larry grinning… and holding a lock of your hair!

6. When they played “I’ll Be Missing You” on the P.A. in the morning, Larry gave you a wink and whispered “They’re playing our song”.

7. Larry showed up at your house last night.

8. And was taking pictures of your room through the window.

9. Larry has proposed to you 48 times and the wedding invitations are already in the mail.

10. Larry has a tattoo with your name in a heart… and it doesn’t wash off!


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