because every blog should have an advice column…

December 14, 2009

Dear Basement Dweller,
My friend and I are having an argument about who would win in a fight on Super Smash Brothers, Kirby or Pikachu? It’s obviously Kirby, right?! 
– Jake.

Hey J,
Super Smash Bros. is no ordinary game. The brilliant developers at Nintendo made all it’s characters incredibly equally matched, except (of course) for Jigglypuff who just… sucks. Whether Kirby or PIkachu is better depends entirely on the player. If you are taking risks using close range moves and almost-mystic feats, then Kirby is for you, but if you want a character with a bit more range and speed, I’d say go for Pikachu. Pika also has impeccable dodging skills once you master his agility technique. You should always involve yourself personally in your video games, that way you’ll always get the most out of your gaming.  
– Basement Dweller.

Dear Basement Dweller,
I used to play Pokemon, Pogs and listen to S Club 7 with my Furbies. Do you think they’ll ever make a “comeback”? 
– Rerun.

Hello Rerun,
I have to say that S Club 7 is dead. Although listening to their old music as a crazy fan isn’t all that crazy anymore. As for listening to it with your Furbies… That’s creepy! Furbies were an it thing and for some they still are, but if you have a Furby lying around your house. Get rid of it. I’m pretty sure they’re cursed. Anyways, Pokemon is always cool, but if you’re 16+ and watching Pokemon… Don’t expect your friends to agree. Just keep it on the down low. Hm… Pogs were the best things since sliced bread, but now no one plays with them. Keep collecting them and maybe they’ll be worth some money… I estimate a good $7.50, but don’t spend all that money in one place!  
– Basement Dweller.


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