feeling a little chilly?

December 14, 2009

1. Run a marathon! Hey, we didn’t say this would be “10 easy ways to stay warm.”

2. If someone around you looks warmer than you, highjack their coat. You may not be the warmest, but at least you’ll be warmer than everyone else!

3. Let your mom dress you via paranoid-mom-style and trust me… You won’t be cold, or be able to lift your arms for that matter.

4. Leave home wearing only a speedo, you won’t be cold once you’re frostbitten, you genius, you!

5. Don’t go outside. Fresh air is overrated.

6. Do what man’s been doing for centuries: Light a fire! Who cares if you’re in your English lecture…

7. Accept the 30-metre-long scarf your grandma knit just for her pookie-wookie!

8. Keep telling people how “hot” you are. Hey, if you keep sayin’ it, you’ll start to convince yourself.

9. Just break out in random dance moves, hey, if it’s goood enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for you!

10. Find a sexy guy/girl who is also cold and see if you can figure something out…


3 Responses to “feeling a little chilly?”

  1. awww i like these hahaha; thank you for the comment

    i like yours aswell!

  2. dom said

    loving the 4th one and might even consider doing the 2nd one 😀

  3. Ahhh, I practice number 5 on a daily basis. Any other season but winter for outdoor activities!

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