life can be so tough…

December 14, 2009

It’s lonely up here at the top.
So, so lonely.
Nobody wants a bag of pretzels.
Through my glass prison, i see them.
The creatures who will liberate me from this infernal contraption.
My brothers, my sisters, and my friends – they’ve all been taken from me.
I tried to be friends with Ruffles, over at D2, but she was taken from me, too.
Everybody wants the double-ds…
Taken to a better place, but not me.
Never me.
Never the bag of pretzels.
What’s wrong with me?
I’ve been here for who-knows-how long.
Pretzels can’t go bad. They’re the perfect food.
Maybe I should just end it all.
End it all right here, right now.
Just jump.
No, no… I can’t do it… I shouldn’t do it. It would be wrong.
Yes, yes. I should. It’ll be better in the end.
Alright, I’ve made up my mind.
Goodbye, cruel worl-
Wait! What’s that?
A liberator, coming to free us.
Maybe it’ll be me.
No, no. It’s never me, but a pretzel can dream… Can’t he?
It’s pressing a combination…
C… 3.
I wonder who C3 is, the lucky bag.
Waitaminute – I’m C3!
Yes, yes, yes! My dream come true!
I’m being spun forward.
In just a moment, I will be dropped down to the exit slot,
and begin my journey to a better place.
Now the foils are spinning slower.
No, no, no! This can’t be happening to me!
The coils are stuck.
I’m stuck!
The liberator frowns, then walks away.
No tasty snack for him, today.
And no freedom for me.

Written by a guest writer (Jenn S.)


2 Responses to “life can be so tough…”

  1. ruggieroap said

    Hanging on the edge of the vending machine of life… we get shaken… we get rocked… but we keep hanging on. Great post. “Everyone wants the Double Ds” was ingenious.

  2. I like this one – very funny and irreverent đŸ™‚

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