looking for love?

December 14, 2009

“Dungeons & Dragon’s expert in search of model”
Level 84 Ork, will take no less than Barbie proportioned female. Don’t bother answering if bigger than size 2. Call 416-KUL-NERD.
“Inquisitive Teenager, In Search Of ANYONE”
Hobbies: hormonal mood swings, contemplating staying out past curfew and in search of own independence without doing the dishes. Call 555-4736, if parents pick up phone, hang up immediately.
“Looking For My Own Personal McDreamy”
Hi. I am like THE biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan so I’m like looking for this guy who is like McDreamy or McSteamy or McVet or you know Alex or George or Denny or like all of them in one crazy McGuy. Omigosh, it’s such a good show. So if you think you’re like any of those guys then give me a call! *wink*
“Britney Looking For a KFed Replacement”
I’ve just gotten over a pretty intense divorce, but I’m now single and ready to find that new “Prince Charming”. I like lipsyncing and dancing with snakes, but I’m honestly just your normal down-to-earth type of girl. Send me a text message if you’re interested.
“Cinderella In Search Of ‘Less Shallow’ Prince Charming”
Looking for someone intellectually stimulating who has heard of the “women’s rights movement”. If insecure with own masculinity and feel that intellectual females are threatening, don’t call.
Looking for love? Leave your own personal in our comment section.

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